Embossing Press in Dubai

Embossing Press in Dubai

Embossing Press in Dubai are important for businesses and individuals who are sending mail to different countries around the world. The stamps issued by the United Arab Emirates are recognized by many international postal administrations and some of them are honored even though they may be non-circulating.

The first stamp was issued in 1971 and it featured a portrait of King Faisal II on one side and a map of the United Arab Emirates on the other. Since then there have been many changes to the issue, but one thing has remained constant: the image of King Faisal II from 1971 on all stamps issued since then!

Stamp collectors will find it easy to collect all types of stamps issued by Dubai, including those with images of King Faisal II, as well as special commemorative issues that honor important dates or events in history such as World Cup Soccer (2006) or Expo 2020 (2020).

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